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From Dark to Light

As grandmas become conspiracy theorist nuts and disclosure of evil becomes more and more prevalent in all societies, is the ‘awakening’ coming from God? Covering areas like:
Conspiracy Theory Basics
Trump and the QAnon movement
The new ‘New World Order’
Theosophy’s motto: There’s no higher religion than ‘Truth’

Was Jesus Christ just a CopyCat Savior Myth?

Was Jesus Christ just a CopyCat Savior Myth? Original Article This is one of those questions that amaze me that it is STILL I decided to write it all up. Often I get an email that reads like this: The reason for this letter

Zeitgeist: The Disaster

The hook into Luciferianism Chris White's Original Debunk This is an original post of Chris White back on July 2007 here. Zeitgeist the new “truth” movie being promoted by its makers on conspiracy message boards around the internet has been thoroughly debunked. It is disgusting

Trump: Cyrus or Saul?

This is Liquid Fancy heading element The Russian Navy has taken delivery of what is the world's longest known submarine, one its maker touts as a research vessel -- but what others say is a platform for espionage and possibly nuclear weapons. The Belgorod was
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