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Zeitgeist: The Disaster

The hook into Luciferianism

Chris White’s Original Debunk
This is an original post of Chris White back on July 2007 here.
Zeitgeist the new “truth” movie being promoted by its makers on conspiracy message boards around the internet has been thoroughly debunked. It is disgusting to think the makers would try to sell it as a “truth movie” considering that it has dozens (over 50) easily provable factual errors. This is a slap in the face to the people who have died and will continue to do so in this patriot movement, we would expect nothing less than 100% accuracy of any movie in the 911 truth realm. We are talking about specific false claims that have been debunked for years, yet because this is the first time its been put into a form of a movie It has new life. This is not about a defense of a religion, it is about the integrity of information and our right not to be lied to by people claiming to be “truthers”.

Let’s take a look at the references the makers of this movie list as their sources for this information on their website:

You will notice that they don’t site one single original source for the Jesus similarities they claim exist, you would think if it was true that the ancient texts showed such similarities, they would simply site these ancient texts. They don’t because they do not exist, It’s quite simple, They instead offer books from authors such as Tim Leedom, Massey, Acharya, Doherty. This is laughable as a resource list if you have looked into these claims. It’s the equivalent as me referencing Glenn Beck to prove there is no 911 conspiracy. I know it’s hard to believe that Tsarion or Alan Watt have been quoting known disinfo in their dissemination of this idea, but look for yourself, The numerous claims made by this movie concerning Jesus’s many similarities are either true or false. Before I move on here are the links to various debunkings of the “Christ myth”.

Here is a great look at the ridiculous claims of most of the authors on that list (how they get away with this stuff is beyond rational thought)

This is another that site handles the major deities and does so with tremendous references.

I like the next site because no stone is left unturned in his search for more and more “Christ myths deities” to debunk, he has about 80 claims looked into here:

Because this movie spent so much time claiming the similarities of hours and Jesus, here is a specific debunking to show how clearly uninformed in mythology and how easily duped the makers of this film are in making this claim.

Now for Leedoms “Virishna” I wish there was more information to go on, but there is no such deity, at least in our earth’s currently verifiable history. He apparently didn’t bother with fact-checking. Here is one account of the hunt for Virishna from an earlier source:

This movie also tries to make the claim that the Catholic church’s pagan ideas, symbolism, and rituals are somehow proof that Christianity itself is a part of this, nothing could be further from the truth. Let’s take December 25th mentioned at least a dozen times in the film. The date of December 25th, which was officially proclaimed by the church fathers in A.D. 440, was actually a vestige of the Roman holiday of Saturnalia, observed near the winter solstice, which itself was among the many pagan traditions inherited from the earlier Babylonian priesthood. Any person that doesn’t drool on themselves will tell you that nowhere in the bible is this date mentioned or inferred in ANY way. It is ludicrous to say that and pagan rituals involving this date can be linked to Christianity before the Catholic Church got a hold of the idea, that is, ALMOST 500 YEARS LATER. This illustrates that the Vatican has very little to do with true Christianity, except for the obvious problem that they themselves always claim that they ARE Christianity.

I’ll put it this way:

I know, the Catholic Church very well may be terribly evil, It stands to reason that that is where evil would want to set up shop. But let’s, please, stop using its pagan-based rituals to prove anything about Christianity’s founder. Yes, the “church” does seem to be used as a control mechanism…TO CONTROL YOUR PERCEPTION OF CHRISTIANITY. It seems so obvious. Jesus was actually one of the most anti-religious people that ever walked the earth He had compassion for every low-down person he came into contact with, except for the “clergy” of his day. They were the only people he ever spoke a harsh word to… maybe a few money changers too. The guy in the New Testament would be freaking furious with an organization that claims the kind of things the Vatican claims.

Now, on to one of my favorite subjects, the Zodiac, or the Mazzaroth. This movie’s half-truths and outright lies about the zodiac are sickening. The unfortunate thing is that you have to know a good deal about science, history, mythology, astronomy, and physics in order to start to even understand what is at play with this system. It is not as simple as many are led to think And because of a lack of diligent study and an overabundance of half-assed research, people swallow what they are told without questioning or learning anything further.

I warn you, if you REALLY want to know what the zodiac is, if you want to know why the illuminated groups venerate the “as above so below” maxim, it won’t be easy, and you will have to go to “school”, the long and the short of it is that the system, and its use and history, have been perverted to show and do things are believed only because of what you are NOT told. It is a matter of withholding information as much or more than misinformation. The truth is stranger than the half-truth.

I will put some links here for those who wish to look into this, I encourage everyone who cares to do so:

You can argue with me about a lot of things here (and I’m sure you will) but that this movie has a great deal of factual errors is not up for debate, as I said most of these claims were debunked 100 years ago. I am very worried about the future of this truth movement of which I am proudly a part of, I know that a division on dogmatic grounds is coming and that all the great work we have done exposing and fighting this New World Order will be undone, by design. Be careful the ones proving the most stuff are often the ones to watch out for, they do this because they know that certain truths are coming out they know that they can’t stop the awakening that’s coming. So, they try to temper it by supplying us with the best real information through their agents and having them only lie about key elements, It is very insidious and very evil. We must be alert and challenge EVERYTHING even if you wanted to hear everything this movie had to say it does not make it true.

One more thing, As this movie suggests, I too believe we are at the end of an age. In an astronomical age and a spiritual age, the precession of the equinoxes is a real thing,

They have tried to tell you that this impending change is a non-christian Idea, This IS the Idea! It is clearly described in the bible we will indeed change, as will this world, and why it must do so. But they are keeping you from seeing the origin of the warning! The bible has been 100% accurate in its writing history in advance, this is how it has validated itself. Challenge this claim It is your duty, All the multidimensional beings around us know this too, they are not always to be trusted we do NOT know their motives.

P.S. I discuss what method the coming division might take here:

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